Arche platform automates the process of simulator-based characterization and electrical rule checking for custom integrated circuits, including analog, custom digital, memory, and mixed-signal integrated circuits.

Arche platform offers the following benefits:
  1. It formalizes and automates the existing ad hoc and manual process of electrical characterization and electrical rule checking. With Arche, a custom IC can be thoroughly verified and checked, and this reduces the chance of silicon re-spins and improves product robustness.
  2. Arche shortens dramatically the total turn-around time by exploring design hierarchy and multiple CPUs using designers’ simulator.
  3. With a scalable checking engine, Arche can effectively check electrical rules and cross probe waveforms associated with a large circuit without the data exploration problem.
  4. Arche is simulator-independent; which allows a design group to build a library of in-house characterization test benches, measurements, and electrical rules to be re-used across multiple system applications.

Arche has been shipped to limited customers for custom digital electrical rule checking used in high-speed memory development. We are currently engaging more partners to extend Arche to a variety of custom integrated circuits. We plan to officially launch Arche in 2010.

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